How Can You Make Money With A Network Marketing Company?

Are network marketing scams, or can you really earn enough money to leave your day job and pursue your dreams?

Can you make money with a network marketing company? “That’s not feasible,” he said emphatically.

That’s what I heard over and over again from a variety of sources. Although I had previously completed the journey, this individual told me that it was not feasible to run across the United States. I’ve already completed my task. It was an undeniable reality. However, he argued that it was not conceivable and departed assuming that I was fabricating the story.

When the truth is directly in front of them, some individuals will refuse to see it, no matter how obvious it is. Even if it is a fact that will alter their course of action.

In a room with around 80 individuals, I delivered the keynote address to a network marketing home-based business organization in San Jose, Costa Rica. Yes, this is the same thing as what many people refer to as MLM, which is an abbreviation for multi-level marketing. A lot of people assume it’s a scam, but in truth, it has almost exactly the same structural elements as any other typical company organization that uses a sales commission system.

As a result, when I asked the audience, “Who has been informed that network marketing is a scam?” they all raised their hands. How many people have been informed that it is impossible to earn money while still being able to leave their jobs?”

ALL of the participants raised their hands…. ALL of the participants!

Afterwards, I inquired as to “Who in this room is generating enough money via this home-based network marketing organization that they are considering quitting their job?” lots of hands went up from the audience.

“Who in this room has achieved financial independence as a result of your home-based business?” I inquired. The majority of the hands remained raised. Then I inquired about something even more significant:

“If they can do it, why can’t you?” says the author.

These are people who are similar to you. Your acquaintances. These people are also from the same city as you are. They come from families that are similar to one another. The same kind of education that you possess. What is the difference between them and you if they are successful and look similar to you?

After all, if they are effective, why not continue?


It is due to the fact that you are not engaging in the same activities as others are.

If you are not successful, it is because you are not hustling, you are not making phone calls, and you are not building connections with other individuals. Wellness and skin products that are supported and approved by Deepak Chopra—The product will sell itself since it is so good. All you have to do is speak to others about it and locate those who believe in the importance of what you’re saying.”

The heads of everyone in the room nodded in accord. A large number of individuals expressed agreement vocally. For some, it was the first time they saw the light turn on in their lives.

As a success coach and keynote speaker, I’ve worked with some of the world’s most successful firms. This is something I see happening again and over and over again in many sectors because the successful top performers do something the majority of the workforce does not: they take huge action on a regular basis.

The network marketing business concept is for individuals who are ambitious and hardworking. It is not intended for those who are sluggish. It is not for those who are unsure about their decisions. Those who are eager to take charge of their lives and become financially independent and who are not scared to venture outside of their comfort zone would benefit from this program.

However, this is applicable to anybody and any company.

To be successful, you must be tenacious.

To be successful, you must have the motivation, concentration, and desire to work hard.

Alternatively, you may find yourself sitting in a room, wondering why others are prospering while you are failing.

You have to be prepared to work hard.

If you don’t have the desire to achieve, you will find yourself sitting in a room listening to a motivational speaker who emphasizes the success stories of a certain organization, and you will question why they are flourishing while you are failing.

In this day and age, the law of attraction is a hot topic, and one of the keys to attracting success and money is to be going in the direction of your dreams. You must first establish a forward direction in order to start things moving, and then you must establish momentum. After that, things will start to fall into place by itself. It was as though by magic.

You should consider joining a network marketing organization if you want to earn a few thousand dollars part time by promoting things you believe in. The business model works for individuals who follow the example set by great leaders, and that is what you should aim to accomplish.

Choose a firm that you like, offer your knowledge in a heart-centered manner to benefit others, and you, too, may earn thousands of dollars each month working half time.

Who knows, maybe one day you’ll be a superstar yourself and be able to quit your work with no financial obligations.

Only if you WORK HARD.

It’s all about hustling to get ahead.

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