Redefine Network Marketing Success

What should ‘success’ look like for a network marketing expert? 

Becoming successful in network marketing business is commonly perceived as a steady number of signups, rising product sales and maybe living our dream. However this notion of success is perhaps the reason why so many quit. 

The promise of huge rewards encourages people to become network marketers but it can also be too much of a burden for many. They are already overwhelmed by what is possible to achieve meaning unrealistic expectations of early success are set before they even start. If they’re unable to achieve any of these objectives within a few months they are more likely to feel like failures. 

They are encouraged to keep going because they are told. ‘They will get there in the end’.  This is the wrong way to look after network marketers. Using the comparison between where they are at the beginning of their network marketing journey to where they could be in order to incentivise them to keep pushing is having more the opposite effect. 

The inability to achieve their set goals soon after they start leads to the feeling of ‘I am not good enough’ and ‘I am not doing enough’. They become more dissatisfied and likely to believe ‘This is not for me’ and to finally quit or burn out.. Whichever comes first!

The problem is not the individual because everyone is capable and it is not the industry because huge rewards are possible for everyone as long as they are marketing a good product or service and working on behalf of a good company where everyone wins substantially (see my article on the benefits of network marketing). 

For me, identifying the problem is simple and therefore so is the solution. It’s the way network marketers are encouraged to define failure and success. 

There is no such thing as failure.. Failure is only when someone hasn’t met their expectations. If success hasn’t come as quickly as expected it shouldn’t mean they have failed. Patience with the work being done as well as taking more time trying out different ways is what should be encouraged and then success will follow. Isn’t this a less overwhelming and more efficient way to define success. There is no end goal to compare to, no overwhelm. It’s a much more measured, calmer and a less gun-ho way of approaching network marketing. Inevitably leading to less quitting the industry and more being able to enjoy the very huge and real success the industry offers everyone who joins. 

An example of a more efficient way of defining success.

Prospecting Progress (PP). What is Prospecting Progress? 

(Relating to ‘Prospect Intent’ and ‘Prospect Actual’)

Please allow me to summarise:

You are a novice Network Marketer afraid of social media so would rather speak to people when the opportunity arose as opposed to forcing the situation. 

Your daily goal (Prospect Intent) is to acquire 5 new members but because of your fears you have the courage to approach 2 people (Prospect Actual). Your Prospect Progress is therefore 5 divided by 2, which equals 40% success!

You have tangible success straight away. It can be measured and is very do-able! You will want to try again tomorrow and the day after that, and the day after that.. And so on.

Have those prospects signed up? We don’t know yet! and it is unimportant.

We have won because you were able to tackle your issues and you are not overwhelmed by the feeling of failure.

You are now able to track your progress and realise the extent of your personal growth. As you begin to see your results, you emerge from your shell and income will begin to flow on a regular basis. 

Being able to track our progress:

  • Allows us to set higher objectives for ourselves every day.
  • Aids us in defining our intended audience.
  • Allows us to identify areas where we are excelling and areas where we need to improve.
  • Allows us to retain consistency while we seek to break our previous record.

I believe that if we stop pounding home our definition of success and stop flashing the money, vacation, and other goodies in front of our prospects, they will stop feeling like failures and quit. The joys of success should be celebrated and shared every step of the way however small.

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