Remote Work Benefits for Employee Health, Productivity, and Happiness

The practice of working from home, remotely and on-the-go using the internet, email and mobile phone has steadily crept into our daily lives ever since the internet was established. Remote employment has become a way of life for more people than ever before. Most of us were early risers before the first lockdown early 2020. Jostling for a seat or space on public transport and rushing to packed workplaces was the next challenge facing workers before even arriving at work, but not anymore.

The introduction of furlough has seen remote work becoming the norm since the epidemic. While many people recognize this has disrupted conventional processes, others view this shift in working practice as a glass half full. People now speak of the immense health, satisfaction, and productivity advantages that come with this kind of employment. Let’s look at some statistics to see how remote employment may help us live better lives.

Employee Satisfaction + Happiness

In the simplest terms, remote workers are happy workers. I don’t know about you but saving hours in traffic inching along in metal coffins, spare cash on overpriced meals-on-wheels as well as the stress of not missing your start time by even a minute and face the disapproving looks and judgement from your boss and co-workers make for a far more pleasant work experience. It’s no wonder full-time remote employees are 22 percent more likely than non-remote workers to say they are pleased in their jobs. In addition, 97 percent of full-time remote workers would suggest remote employment to others, according to another survey. Let’s delve a bit deeper to explore what else makes remote employees so happy?

Freedom Of Work

One of the best benefits of remote work is you do not have to commute is one of the most frequent reasons for their happiness. In 2018, the average travel time to work in US metro regions was 117.7 minutes per week, according to Census Bureau statistics. Over the course of a month, that’s almost a full day of work that may be spent with family, trying a new activity, or just relaxing. Living on the commuter belt to London I walked an hour to the train station or paid full whack for car-parking. The journey was another hour followed by a short tube ride and straight to work. Repeat the same process in reverse order totaled up to 4 hours per day. God help us if the weather was unforgiving. There would be no forgiveness from my boss if I was late or had a torrid journey, that’s for sure!

Remote Work Benefits

Work Life Balance

So, it’s easy to see why flexible schedules and a better work-life balance are also mentioned by remote employees as factors that contribute to their overall job satisfaction. According to a survey conducted by the Home Based Business Experts, 79 percent of workers indicated they would be more loyal to a company that provided better flexibility. Home Based Business Experts believe employees feel more valued by employers who they feel have their best interests at heart, so they repay this caring with loyalty.

Flexibility of Working Hours

As it turns out, the work is just one component of the equation for happiness. The second aspect is how the work fits into a person’s life. Remote employees may use the additional time they have outside of work to pursue interests that make them happy. Ever wanted to play an instrument, learn a new language, have ripped muscles, or convert a passion into a side business by attending online classes? Well, you’re in luck because these examples of activities are just skimming the surface of what is significantly more achievable with remote work.

Employee Health Benefits from Remote Work

Working from home offers significant health advantages for both the body and the mind. Given that we invest half of our awake life at work, it’s critical that we do it in a healthier way as it will take its toll in all other aspects of our life. That is, one that is beneficial to all areas of our physical and mental health and well-being. Everyone’s health requirements are different and remote working enables all of us to meet those needs. We tend to put our own needs first, to be good to ourselves because this is our own domain, our rules, and our time to use however we see fit. In more ways than one along with a clear mind and body we can become more fully functional.

Productivity and Efficiency of Employees

Finally, not only are remote workers happier and healthier, but they are also more productive! Sixty-five percent of employees say they are more productive when they are not at work working. Furthermore, 85 percent of companies have stated that being remote has increased overall company productivity. These figures make sense when you consider the absence of workplace interruptions or daily commute, as well as the peaceful environment of a home office.

Surprisingly, remote workers work 1.4 more days each month than their office-based colleagues, according to one research. This adds up to more than three weeks of extra labor each year. Please read that last sentence again to ensure that it has sunk in!

Benefits of Remote Work

Another benefit of remote employment is that it allows for communication to run on a more relaxed schedule. Individuals not being pulled into meetings with others all the time helps them regain control over their time and productivity. Some people see this as a first obstacle to conquer. Instead, they are more likely to enter a “flow state” at work and respond to emails and texts when they have the opportunity. 

Remote Work Benefits: The Distant Future

The lesson for leaders is obvious. Employee happiness, general health, and productivity all benefit from more freedom and fewer constraints. Statistics on remote work are being produced at an unprecedented pace. Almost all of them point to a better working environment.

Remote work is gradually infiltrating our lives, and before long, it will be the normal mode of operation. Companies may be compelled to explain to going back to work, which means they’re going back to the commute, the costly lunches, and the greater risk of sickness. Why not just remain at home? The chosen solution has surfaced.

The UK Government has estimated approximately 50% of the workforce will be based at home by 2025. Largely because of the successful roll out of the Government’s furlough scheme and positive reaction by workers and companies alike.

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  1. What are the benefits of working remotely?

    Following are the benefits of working remotely

    Employee Satisfaction + Happiness
    Freedom Of Work
    Work Life Balance
    Flexibility of Working Hours
    Employee Health Benefits
    Productivity and Efficiency


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